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Matt Hardage Consulting (MHC) is an Atlanta based Digital Marketing Agency. We are known for our creative design solutions for our small to medium sized companies. We are more than just a design shop though, we now offer a full array of data-driven solutions to deliver the most VALUE to our clients. Our clients should always know that they are our number 1 priority & we will always do everything to show it.

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You should never go into battle alone, but that’s exactly what you do every time you try to tackle your digital marketing on your own. It’s a battlefield out there & you need a War-Time General to lead your troops to victory over your competition.


Part of being better than your competition, is doing everything better than them. So do it better by having appealing support graphics & collateral that is consistent & true to you and your brand. Compliment your digital marketing with other CTA’s.


Digital Marketing starts at your website. Beautiful functional websites sell more. It’s a proven statistic that the better the website (user-friendly, pretty, & fast), the better your ROI will be. It’s not just a luxury, it truly is a wise investment.


For every business, generating new leads can be a hassle. It can also cause major problems for companies if not done properly. Don’t waste your company’s time and money trying to figure it out on your own. We have proven processes that we implement to generate valuable leads for our clients.


Great now you have leads or viewers, now what? We help our clients convert more of their leads to actual paying consumers. Leads are a valuable commodity, don’t throw them down the drain because you don’t know how to convert them effectively. Shorten your sales cycle & generate more revenue by converting more viewers.


For a lot of small businesses, sales can be a huge head ache. This can happen for many reasons, the sales team doesn’t know how to sell, or there’s no universal sales training. Whatever the case may be, there’s a very simple solution: MHC Corporate Sales Training. We have years of experience working with big brands to help drive their products & we can help you too.

Our Recent Work

Ryan Danford Fitness Website & Print Design

Ryan Danford Fitness Website & Print Design

Ryan Danford Fitness Website & Print Design

Website & Print Design

Ryan Danford Fitness

Ryan Danford is a collegiate athlete turned trainer in Kennesaw, GA. He has spent years honing his skills as an athletic trainer and coach. He was looking for someone to design a logo and some business cards.  After speaking to Ryan about his goals we determined that he needed more than just business cards to reach his goals, we then discussed the opportunities and return on investment that he would see from having a professionally built website. He agreed that it would be a good fit to have a simple yet complex website to help him stand out from other trainers in the area. Ryan is very happy with the product that we delivered and is seeing great growth as a result of it.


Brand Creation

Logo Design

Web Design

Business Cards


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Cloud & Wire Website Consulting & Brand Development

Cloud & Wire Website Consulting & Brand Development

Cloud & Wire Website Consulting & Brand Development

Brand Development & Marketing Strategy

Cloud & Wire

The little giant of tech, Cloud & Wire Inc., is a bespoke I.T. consultancy based out of Woodstock, GA with major brands for clients across the country. This small firm really proves that quality is better than quantity, which must be very true because they have a very healthy list of not so small corporations for clients. With this being the case, Co-Founder Byron Braun asked to setup a meeting with his partner, Rob Hootselle, & I to discuss giving the brand a make over. When Rob laid out the plan for the company’s future and what he wanted the brand to feel like, I knew it was a perfect fit.

Over the following months, we spent countless hours working on the brand development & creating a new web presence for the agency. Rob knew what he wanted (for the most part) & I knew what he needed but didn’t know. As time went on, the project evolved into something he & the team now love. The new site is now live for the world to enjoy & more importantly it is serving as the cornerstone to a great relationship between us. The site is designed for Rob & his team to easily be able to add to it over time as needs change for the tiny tech giant.


Brand Development

Logo Redesign

Web Redesign

Ongoing Consulting


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Branding & Web Development for Butterfly Consulting

Branding & Web Development for Butterfly Consulting

Branding & Web Development for Butterfly Consulting

Branding and Web Development

Butterfly Consulting

Butterfly Consulting is a boutique consultancy in Kennesaw, GA whose mission is to assist & advocate for families with special needs. Pamela Saunders founded the organization after years of learning how hard it can be as a parent of a special needs child. Pamela was approached by friends & families for years to help them with education programs for their children after word got around about the amazing program she had crafted for her son, Charlie, who has downs syndrome. After years of helping families while working another job, she decided that she wanted to pursue this passion full time.



Website Design

Print Design


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