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About Us | MHC - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

About us

Madison Avenue to Main Street

MHC is a VALUEcentric Digital Marketing Agency based in Atlanta & Macon, GA.


Matt Hardage Consulting (MHC) is an Atlanta based Digital Marketing Agency. We are known for our creative design solutions for our small to medium sized companies. We are more than just a design shop though, we now offer a full array of data-driven solutions to deliver the most VALUE to our clients. Our clients should always know that they are our number 1 priority & we will always do everything to show it.


Founded in January 2015, our firm was founded on a mission to help small business owners emerge to new heights. So for years we’ve helped our neighbors show their customers the true quality of their brands. Every company starts out small, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a startup. Cast a bigger shadow to your consumers or your competition!


Because small business owners are the back bone of this country, we are working to make sure that back bone stays strong. We also believe that ALL consumers deserve to know about businesses providing REAL VALUE, no matter what classification they are.


Metro Atlanta is home to more than 600k “small” businesses, making it one of the best places to help entrepreneurs grow their dreams.  On average MHC works with 10 new clients a year so we are still a “small” agency & we make big change happen for others. Small business owners in Atlanta should rest easy knowing they have a partner to handle the hassle of digital marketing.

We’re now in the Metro Macon area as well to bring value and support to the growing businesses of Middle Georgia.


Our digital marketing agency is primarily composed of other entrepreneurs like yourself. More than 50% of our employees are actually small businesses which makes our clients happy because it allows us to provide the best Value at a competitive rate. You can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing budget with us.

Hours of Experience

Matt Hardage

President & CEO

Starting at a very young age Matt has been actively growing in all three areas of his focus (Design, Development, & Consulting) for the last 9 years. As one of the youngest consultants in the industry, he uses age & disproportionate wisdom as his two biggest strengths. The “Millennial CEO” has worked with some of the biggest names in the consulting world & keeps a very healthy roster of veteran consultants as his mentors. Giving Matt the balance of old school fundamentals with his very new school approach to helping his clients.

Matthew started working in his father’s restaurant at the age of 11 washing dishes & learning the importance an unstoppable work ethic. By the end of his first year, he’d already managed to work his way up to waiting tables. 6 months later Matt was a proficient master of customer service taking on the responsibilities of 2 more employees shortly before they were caught stealing. Thankfully, the desire for excellence & experience was married with an unparalleled work-ethic/hustle early on in life, has given Mr. Hardage a keen sense of self-awareness & humility.

His current mission is to empower & promote other brands, of whom share the same passion for excellence by providing true value to their consumers, by providing unmatched value.

9 years = 23,400+ hours

We will provide a Disproportionate amount of VALUE for brands who are doing the same for their audience.